We’re a privately owned and run kindergarten where we keep the numbers of children low and our professional teacher ratio high, to provide a top quality early childhood experience.

We’re passionate about what we do. And we’re approachable and highly responsive to you and your child’s needs and interests. With less than 30 children at each Vintage Kids Kindergarten, we really get to know every child. We form a partnership with you as a family so your child gets the best out of their experience. We’re very open to feedback and tailor the day and week to your needs.

Our approach to resources is simplicity. Many have been made from natural materials, by local craftspeople. We like toys that are simple and timeless. One moment it’s a house, the next it’s a boat. Then it’s reassembled as a road or farm. Yesterday a figure may have been a wizard; today it’s a shop-keeper.

The resources for young minds are simply a beginning; a creative spark. A toy shouldn’t lead, it should simply suggest. Often the most inspiring items weren’t even designed as toys. Empty boxes become spaceships and castles. A sheet becomes a sail or a princess’s dress. They’re all readily adapted as a prop in a child’s imaginative stories and plays.

And that’s the way we like it.

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