Delicious & Nutritious

This is a time when children need to be exposed to a wide variety of food, and encouraged to be curious and try new tastes and textures. Good nutrition is important now, but will also impact their life-long eating attitudes and habits.

At Vintage Kids we consider nutrition so important that we have a full-time chef and a consulting holistic nutritionist. We put a huge amount of energy into getting it just right.

Our commitment to parents and children is to provide wholesome and natural ‘made-from-scratch’ food. It’s designed to nurture body and soul, and help children get the best out of their day. Our parents LOVE our menu. We take a seasonally-based approach. All our food is unprocessed, and uses quality produce with minimal processed sugar. Produce is spray-free, free-range and organic wherever possible – which is nearly always.

The children help us grow some of our produce organically. We harvest together and compost together. Our kitchen is very visible, so children can be connected to the everyday handling and cooking of our nutrition, ask questions, and be involved. We regularly cook with the children; from measuring the pumpkin seeds for our bliss balls to taking turns whisking the mix for our banana bread.

We have whanau events where parents can experience the nutritious food their children are enjoying, and we often provide recipes of their child’s favourite meals.

Our menu includes dishes such as:

  • Buckwheat pancakes with rainbow slaw
  • Poached dried fruit with tapioca pudding
  • Homemade rustic crackers with broccoli whip
  • Homemade seed bread & creamy tomato soup garnished with prawns

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