Vintage Kids started with the idea that early childhood centres needn’t feel like corporate institutions. The natural way for young children to grow and develop is in an environment where authentic everyday happenings are infused with learning. Where they can cultivate and navigate friendships within smaller groups of children of differing ages. In a traditional New Zealand house that truly feels like an extension of their own home. Where there’s a Playgarden, complete with fruit trees, hills and running water that keeps everyone close to nature. Your children will make genuine connections with experienced and mature professionals. They will feel safe, supported, encouraged and inspired, yet free to explore their individual interests and imaginations.

These are the precious early years where foundations are being laid for the adult your child will become. Through our unique philosophy we work with children to foster imagination, creativity, curiosity, confidence, and communication.

Story-telling is a central theme. It’s the primary way humans have always communicated and learnt, and it’s particularly engaging for children. It develops imagination and emotional intelligence. It’s the building block for early literacy and rich language skills, and a key indicator for success later in life.

Please spend time reviewing what makes us different, then email or phone Sheree Thomason to arrange an appointment to visit. We know you’ll experience a refreshing and joyful alternative in childhood education.

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