The Playgarden

Children love to explore nature. They love pathways and trees and hills and grass and flowers and water and sand and logs and stones and butterflies and beetles. These are the perfect and timeless elements from which an active, curious young mind can create their own stories. Yet too often today’s living and learning environments place these natural sensations beyond reach.

At Vintage Kids we decided not to settle for an ordinary playground with a mechanical swing, slide and see-saw on an otherwise bare and unimaginative landscape. We wanted your children to discover their own ways to play. And we wanted the possibilities to be endless. So we’ve created a unique place where they can let their imaginations run wild. Our special ‘playgarden’ combines all those magical elements of nature – including fruit and vegetables that the children will help care for and eventually eat – into one exciting, safely contained space.

Of course, amongst the ever-changing natural environment we’ve also included a few familiar human touches and comforts – some climbing ropes here, a bridge there, a fairy garden, throne, cottage and a mud kitchen. All of it is neatly integrated into the children’s very own natural wonderland.

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