Just Like Home

For many children, kindergarten is the first time they’ll spend hours away from both parent and home. We believe both you and your child deserve to be as relaxed as possible about this big change in your lives.

The first test is the physical look and feel of the kindergarten. If it seems like a large work-place, institute or classroom, it’s not going to make things any easier.

We think a kindergarten should provide some sense of familiarity. Whilst we can’t replicate the environment your child comes from, we can at least ensure our kindergarten feels like a comfortable home. That’s why we choose to limit numbers, and care for children in a converted, traditional New Zealand home and garden.

Our mixed age environment mirrors a family situation. We don’t separate children into neatly defined age groups. At Vintage Kids, learning from younger to older and older to younger is valued and encouraged. Children sit down to shared meals like they might at the family dinner table. Stories are shared, and nutritious food is served on traditional NZ Crown Lynn crockery.

This is important well beyond those important first weeks. Your child will grow and develop. They will change, as will other things in their life. We know the more they believe our place is simply their second home, the more secure they will continue to feel. They’ll be more likely to look forward to visiting, playing, seeing friends, eating, learning and relaxing with us until your return each day – when they can greet you with stories from their day.

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